Narrative Design



Lancer is a tabletop roleplaying game currently available in open beta. Its Kickstarter campaign was successful, and an initial print run of more than 6,000 units is forthcoming.

I am the lead narrative designer for Lancer, and lead writer for its Field Guides, its first campaign setting (No Room For A Wallflower), and Boundary Garden and Other Stories, a forthcoming collection of flash fictions set in the Lancer universe.

As the lead narrative designer, I wrote the majority of the game's setting, iconic characters, and iconic factions. The scope of my work was total: from big picture meta-plot, to deep background information to ground narrative present events, to granular single-character narratives, and more.

As lead narrative designer, I worked as part of a two-person team to ensure the setting, flavor, characters, and all associated narrative content reflected the mechanical goals of the game’s rules and player-facing equipment.